I'm so glad when people ask for my input. It makes things feel twice as nice when, instead of just assigning things to you without asking, they ask what you would prefer and then do the opposite anyway. That way, they are knowingly fucking you over, directly, instead of it just being incidental.


Mr. Spock said...

Do you think there's any chance she'll ever start to get it, or is she one of those ironman oblivious types who manage to go through most of their lives without learning how to properly get along with people?

The part about her getting an FOB at the end of the year gave me chills--just imagine what the poor poor deer-in-the-headlights newbie will have to go through...with no Korean, no previously formed relationships with co-workers and no fucking clue how to deal with her. Shudder!

superA1 said...

Sulk. And make it obvious. It feels gross, but it works.

Anonymous said...

Oh God-- me too. Parents' class (which I love), students' conversation class, and science club-- possibly also drama club. Never asked once.