New all time low in PE teacher misbehavior at 회식: renting an extra private room at 노래방 to drag me into alone. The head PE teacher kept freaking out and trying to shove my co-teachers in after me, but they were having none of it. 리즈샘 괜찮다. 걱정하지마.

And I was. And it was. And I could smoke out in the open and everything. And they sang "비와 당신의 이야기" and "하루하루" for me. And I came home unmolested, virtues in tact.

Um. That's all I'm coherent enough to type tonight. Basically, I love hwaeshik. And now I'm going to do the wise thing and take myself off the internet and go to bed.


3gyupsal said...

Damn that's creepy. I had a guy try to steal my drivers license, and then he asked me to kiss him. I didn't think that a norae bang was an appropriate place to explore my sexuality.

I'm no Picasso said...

Haha. It's alright because me and the PE teachers go way back. Hwaeshik is the only time of year we even look each other in the eyes, and then it's an all-out love-shot filled mildly-inappropriate-behavior-fest. I don't mind because they're all good looking and married. Easy on the eyes and no chance for actual trouble.

I've heard about how homoerotic some ajeosshi can get in noraebang. From what I've heard, you were lucky a. he asked and b. it was only a kiss.