Hello, floods of new people.

So, The Korean has sent my visitor stats through the roof. Probably with a crowd that is quite a bit different than the normal visitors to this blog, who are almost exclusively foreign English teachers in Korea. I have been possibly the laziest blogger ever of late, due to a pretty wicked illness and the pickup in the social arena that the holidays always bring. I'm going to try to get back to at least occasionally writing things that might be of interest to someone other than my mom at some point. I promise.

But for now, it is the holiday season and camps are creeping up on me, as is vacation. It's a time when I'm really focused on the people who really matter in my life, like my students, my co-workers, my family and my friends (both in the ROK and in all sorts of other countries outside). I'm attending holiday get-togethers, spending more time making international phone calls, trying my best to make suitable hotel reservations, organizing meet-ups in foreign countries with people I haven't seen for literally years, making a wreck of my kitchen with homemade chocolate gift bags, eating 'goodbye' (for the semester) dinners with all kinds of pupils and co-workers, Christmas shopping and trying to plan the most awesome English camp we've had to date.

So bear with me. And I hope at least some of you see fit to stick around. As a sort of preview, someone asked a really fantastic question a really long time ago about what I think about the new corporal punishment ban in public schools in Seoul, which is something I probably have a bit of an odd view on for a foreign teacher in Korea. Given that, even though I am American, I was raised using quite a bit of corporal punishment myself.

So. Hello. And stuff. Blogging is so awkward.....

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Chris in South Korea said...

Congrats on getting such a positive mention from The Korean. Keep up the good work :)