Formspring madness.

Someone psychotic and/or stupid and/or really into trolling me got into my Formspring box last night. I'm just going to take this all at once, and let you folks know that any further such obvious nonsense will be deleted and ignored. Because I do not have time to play Uncle Dave to your stupidity.

Why do foreigners have the impression that Koreans are angry?

I don't have that impression, so maybe you should ask the foreigners who do. If it's actually your impression, maybe Koreans seem angry with you because you make vast, sweeping generalizations that don't appear to have much intelligence behind them.

Why do Koreans seem to dislike adoptees, gyopos?

I'm not Korean, an adoptee, or gyopo, so I have no idea why you would ask me this question.

I've noticed Koreans seem to heavily pat their small children on the back, head, etc. rather hard as a part of giving them affection. Instead of lightly stroking them as people do in the US? Is this something you've noticed?

Is this a joke? What do you expect me to say to this? I have no idea what this even means. No, this is not something that I've noticed. Maybe because it doesn't happen. Or maybe because I don't see one person do something one time and assume an entire race does it, while also ignoring the fact that everyone in my home culture handle their children in completely different manners as well.

I hear in the news here and there stories of Koreans physically abusing their children. There also seems to be a lot of mental "pressure" as well for them to perform, study, etc. What's you take on this?

What country are you in? Are you in Korea? If so, the reason why you hear stories about Koreans physically abusing their children on the news is because you are in Korea and nearly all of the news is about Koreans. You also probably hear stories about Koreans raping, murdering and stealing. Those are the kinds of things that tend to end up on the news. If you are in a Western country, then I imagine for some reason you've decided to focus in on a very, very small percentage of the news and chosen to ignore all of the thousands of incidents of Westerners abusing their children. Or locking children in closets for days on end with no food, or sexually molesting them, or kidnapping them. My take on this is that you have some very serious issues with Koreans for some reason, and should probably just stay away from them entirely, rather than interacting with total ignorance and embarrassing yourself.


The Korean said...

Ah, you finally understand what I go through every day...

I'm no Picasso said...

Gross. Because these questions all came in within a minute of each other, I'm choosing to believe I'm just being trolled. I'm choosing to believe. Choosing.

Sidney said...

instead of lightly stroking them as people do in the US?
wow, i was never 'lightly stroked' as a child. was i missing out on something in my childhood?

I'm no Picasso said...

Bit creepy, right? That's why I was like... wait... is this actually a joke? Who... haha. Whatever.