That's anonymous comments going off, then! People who don't have the courage to stand behind their words are so unsexy. And there's been loads of trolling through the Kblogosphere lately. If you have something to say, put a name on it loves! After all, a whole load of you know who I am when you spot me out in public. But have no fear -- even if you put your name and your photo on your trifling six-months-into-your-first-contract witticisms, you probably still won't be important enough for me to remember!

I'm glad that you're so green that you think having stupid shit happen in Korea is important to ignore, because you're having your gap year in a foreign country, after all! Just settle down and go post some photos of temples on Facebook for your boring friends to be impressed with. Leave the business of considering life in Korea to be Real Life Where Bad Things Sometimes Happen to those of us who have a fucking clue what the fuck is going on. Or just hang around and wait for someone to post a comment on one of my "good day" entries about how I'm ignorant about my true position as a foreigner in Korea. Either way, the whole batch of you will be gone in a few months. You are a revolving door feature of this life. You have no idea how many of you we've all seen before.

By the way, speaking of anonymous baloney, I've been waffling over the big dating blogger post for over a week now, because it didn't feel quite complete. Then something completely unacceptable happened over at DIK this morning, and has been spreading all over tumblr like wildfire, and I've become inspired to rework the whole thing. Glad I waited.

Oh, Anon. You're so cute when you're angry. Trying to make a point and stuff. What would our little blogging world be without you? That having been said, happy trails to you! Don't let the door hit you in the ass.


JIW said...
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JIW said...

I want to say it is important to voice what you said.

I have responded to the instances at DIK on my blog and think this topic is worthy of discussion and I guess mud slinging. I would like to hear your thoughts...:)

* I deleted my earlier comment due to a typo.

JIW said...

Obviously via your comment on DIK I can see that we are different sides of the river. Like I stated there I apologize for the times I have offended you or have written in offensive manners on my blog.

I hope we can someday see each other on the same level and have a great discussion about the perils facing us as expats.

I'm no Picasso said...

Joy -- I've honestly never read your blog. I've responded to the comments left on DIK's blog purely within the context of that post and the comments which were there. I don't see you as on another level. I don't think women should have to choose a side. And that's precisely the issue. I don't judge you or your moral compass or the way you choose to live your life as a foreign woman here in Korea. That's your business, and I will never, ever comment on it. But I will comment on the judgment I see being doled out when I think it's not really deserved.

I'm working on a post about this right now and why it bothers me. Hopefully that will make some things more clear. I can get snarky at times, but there is real thought behind my opinions that goes beyond sarcastic comments.

JIW said...

Thank you and I am feeling a lot better tonight to hear that. Sure it is good to call me out on DIK since the topic is of great issue.

I look forward to your post but looks like will have to read it tomorrow. ;)

JIW said...

Also note that since writing my original post on this topic I have edited it a few times...after my thoughts became more clear. Telling you in case you have read version 1..2...etc.