Libraries without books: call for charity.

No proper update today, I'm afraid. Busy at work and going out for most of the evening after. And I'm afraid tomorrow's looking just as busy. And Friday. And probably also Saturday. I bet I'll manage to work something out in between somewhere. But, for now, I just wanted to put this up here real quick:

Hello, how are you?

My name is [x]. I am a student at [x] Highschool.

I write this letter to tell you about a project called ‘HOPE Library Project’.

HOPE Library Project is a sharing hope project that offers better educational environment ot children by building libraries in poor countries. Last year (2009), the 1st HOPE Library was opened in Siem Reap, Cambodia. And this year, the 2nd one would be opened for Nepalese children who have not enough books to read.

There is a campaign in this project; Secondhand English Book Donation Campaign. I am a youth coordinator of this campaign. I tell people about this campaign and reality of Nepalese children. And I ask people to donate some English books.

You can read books anytime you want. In Nepal, however, there are many children who want to read, but there are not enough books. There are only a few schools and libraries. Even in some libraries, there are ONLY a few books (2~5 books?). And most of the few books are not suitable for children to read! Library that has not books to read… Can you imagine? I hope they can read many books.

I don’t threaten you. It’s your choice. If you want to help them, how about donating some books to them?

  • Dontaions: Secondhand English Books (Brand new ones are also okay)
  • Period: September 2010~ 30. October. 2010
  • Address to send: HOPE Library Dept., Mizy Center, Seoul Youth HOstel 2F, San 4-5, Yejang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul (It’s near Myung-dong Station)

You can donate as many books as you want. You must pay for delivering (If the books are more than 50, you don’t have to pay). Too old or damaged books, copied books, periodical of last year and examinational books can’t be donated. And if you want, you can also enclose a hopeful card for Nepalese children, sending books.

If the reason you can’t donate is only because of paying for delivering, call me, asking for any questions is okay too! I will go to take books (Only in Seoul and Incheon). And you don’t have to pay for it :) I deliver it without any costs haha!

Thank you

P.S. Please tell this campaign to your acquaintances.

So. You know, think about it. If you want his phone number to ask him any questions, or contact him about donating, just leave your email address in the comments and I'll send it on to you. Really think about doing what you can here -- this would be a tough one for Koreans to pull off. How many Nepalese kids learn to read Korean? And how many Koreans have old English books lying around? Let's do what we can. After all, the kid's right -- I can't really imagine a life where the libraries don't have any books.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to be dense, but, is he wanting English TEXT books or just children's books in English?