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Right. So. A couple of questions I really need to get to, and may have the time tonight, if my excellent coworkers don't kidnap me for coffee or dinner or what-have-you. One in particular came up yesterday about any possible male versions of, I believe, the Korean dating blogs. The exact phrasing, I think was, "these blogs". And I've been wanting to deal with the whole thing on the level of gender for a while (because it's interesting and also touchy, how female blogs have been widely accepted, and how I don't think they would go over as well coming from the male perspective, and why that is) and also I want to get myself in a whole boatload of trouble by readdressing the issue of fetishization, and why I find some of those blogs to be insightful, entertaining and well-written, while I find others to be..... less of all of those things, right on up to offensive.

And I also want to talk about gender and blogging in relation to why it is people keep trying to shoehorn me into the "dating blog" category, when I think it's fairly obvious that this blog, and the other, are both nothing of the sort. For all kinds of reasons, the main one being that I'm not even dating.

You guys love it when I talk about that shit, even though I would much prefer to stick to the topics of culture and work, and anecdotes about how amazing and hilarious my students are. And I do think there are some valid things I need to clear up, and that I'm interested in discussing. So. "Expect" it later tonight, hopefully. It's sure to be long, rambling and poorly written. It'll be like a vlog in text format. Exciting.

As an unrelated side note, I'd like to point out that while I am becoming a bit of a Korean fashion whore, I'm still having trouble adjusting to some of the more complicated aspects of the wardrobe features. Namely how to get suspenders on straight in under ten minutes and how to sit on the floor in drop-crotch trousers without ripping a seam. Also, I'm still not convinced I'm wearing some of the sweaters the right way. Why are there so many straps, fastens and buttons on everything? My life is a never-ending series of complications.

More later. Love.


Burndog said...

This is NOT a dating blog. I've tried to read a couple of the dating blogs...and they make me feel like I'm watching Sex In The City minus the Sex part. Even with added sex it's not a show I can endure...and...no offense to the writers of said blogs...they aren't my cup of tea.

Your blog's like mine...except that yours has less swearing, more actual writing and a sense of story, self and place...so...in short...it's nothing like mine.

I'm no Picasso said...

Burn, I'm offended. You think my blog has *less* swearing than yours? I guess I'm going to have to step my game up....

And no. It's not a dating blog. Despite the fact that it's written by a woman. Spoiler alert! More on that later.