There's a big storm brewing over my school after the meeting with the new principal yesterday.

Luckily, this kind of plays right into the hands of the scheme I've been mulling over since I got back. I think it's almost time to make it public. Suddenly, it's almost all but decided.

I'll get into details later. Don't worry -- I don't break contracts. But it's definitely time to start getting something else together. The Universe gives you a feeling, then an option, then a reason... or a few. We're moving through the stages pretty quickly over here.

Here's a hint:

Not bad, eh?

To quote my first Korean love: 내 삶에 나 만족 할란다/ 너와 나의 미래는 짱짱


Kel said...

OOH! Excited to hear details. I love when the universe gives feelings, reasons, options, etc.

I'm no Picasso said...

Seriously. Feelings, reasons and options all coinciding is way better than just two out of three.

MikejGrey said...