Tiffani said...

I pretty much agree with everything you've said. You know, most of my friends flip at the concept of corporal punishment, but personally it doesn't bother me too much - when they students KNOW it's a consequence of their misbehavior and they do it anyway.

My first week of school, one of my coteachers slammed two girls' heads into each other because they were talking. It shocked the fuck out of me. But two minutes later, they were holding their heads...and talking again. Hard to garner much sympathy for them.

I hope there ends up being a good balance in your school, Liz!!

Anonymous said...

sometimes understanding the little dears includes understanding when they need a hard lick or two, let's be honest.

I miss you btw


MikejGrey said...

Free wheeling new P is a pretty ace blog post title.

I ate a bulgogi taco. It was okay. A helluva lot better than the kimchi quesadilla. They have a bibambap burrito that I'll probably try, and possibly regret, next.

I'm no Picasso said...

Tiffani -- I totally feel like my parents when I think that way, but I was able to grasp that concept when I was a kid. You do this, this happens. You make your choices and then own up to them.

I've never seen the teachers at my school get out of control during a 'punishment'. They hand the kids off to other teachers to discipline them if they are genuinely angry, because they know they can't discipline in anger.


Ma -- You're absolutely right. And while I don't think I have it in me to physically discipline, it certainly didn't do me any harm growing up. In fact, I was excellent at pretending that it didn't affect me whatsoever, as you well know. Miss you too.

Mike -- I knew bulgogi tacos would be good. Bibimbap burritos.... that could go either way. Let me know!