Another "Korean Men" question....

Hello! I've recently been reading your posts, and I noticed that you referred a few times that Korean men often blush, even to the point of blushing like a tomato. I was just wondering if it's really like that because, although I have not much contact wit

Alright. I’ve got one more much more complicated (and important) question waiting in my inbox, which I need to think about for a bit before I respond. Unfortunately, this one got cut off, so I’m not really sure what this person was angling at, but I think I have a good idea anyway.

I may have mentioned a few times where Korean “men” have blushed, but what I remember mentioning most often is how my students blush. They’re not men. They’re awkward teenage boys, and it has nothing to do with them being Korean. It has to do with them being young, me being a teacher, and them having to speak a language they are completely unsure in. I blush pretty often when I have to speak Korean to a new person as well. It’s embarrassing.

Even when I have mentioned Korean men blushing, it still has nothing to do with them being Korean. Stop doing that. We all stereotype — I’m guilty of it, as well. But you have to actively work against that if you hope to have any success interacting with people who are different from you. And I’m guessing that you probably do.

Listen. The world is not a Cosmo magazine. Men of any particular category don’t do anything, en masse, in such a particular way. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but what is different is culture — not race. Race is genetic and predetermined. Culture is varied, influenced by personality, adaptable and constantly shifting. If what you were going to say is that you’ve had different experiences with Korean men, then you’ve already answered your own question. Different men behave differently. Regardless of both race and culture

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