Hey buddies. I'm on the ground here, finally back in the hometown after two weeks of pure hillbilly living out in Alabama. Creeks and rivers and town sheriffs and being gawked at nearly as bad as in the ROK. But it's back to civilization now, and I don't have too much of substance to say.

Went to my grandfather's grave two days ago and saw my little baby nephew today. He was wary of me at first, but spent the final hours of the evening coming to get me to follow him around while he pointed at things for me to reach and hand to him, as he thoroughly explored the house and all its contents. He's at the age where he's just starting to speak and mimics everything around him. He even has the most ridiculous fake laugh and fake cry, which he does in turn for reactions. After a few rounds of him pointing to things on high surfaces for me to hand down to him, and me asking, "That? That?" he began to say, "That!" when he pointed to what he wanted. A few repetitions of "doggy" while pointing to one of the family dogs in his cage led to the new acquisition of the word "dedgy". It was weirdly reminiscent of.... well, of my job.

There are a lot of things going on within the family at the moment, which aren't even worth going into for lack of simplicity and background knowledge, not to mention common interest, but it's going to be an interesting trip. It's a pivotal moment within the family and there's a lot to be decided. All of it is making me feel very, very far away from Korea, and putting my life there into a different kind of perspective. Which has got my fickle little heart leaning toward starting to think about moving on. But that's a way's down the road yet. Nonetheless, it's the first time the thought has officially entered my mind. I'll take this year to look around at options and see what I come up with. For now, my heart is here with my family in Texas, and so this blog will more than likely remain untouched for a bit longer. But I just wanted to touch base and make it clear that I haven't died in a horrible plane crash or anything. Alive and well and returning soon. Take care all.

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and stay "not dead in a plane crash" please!