School stuff.

Oh. School stuff.

I taught one class today. That's how life has been lately. It was a C class, Minwoo's class, where Seungwon has recently moved down from B. Fuck knows why. Seungwon's smart as a whip. Daeseok has developed a recent case of attention seeking verbal diarrhea, and Minwoo doesn't like that either one of them are cutting in on his Liz Teacher Attention Time. So you can imagine how that goes. Minus a co-teacher. Because I guess they've just decided I'm alright on my own now. And I am.

We're done with our chapters in the book up until the exam, and I'm not a mean cunt, so I'm not making them move on to a new chapter with the test right over the horizon. It would be pointless, anyway. They wouldn't remember any of it. Right now their little brains are like overstuffed suitcases and they've got to leave for the airport in like fifteen minutes. Some shit's just not going to make it. I'm not about to try to hand them more.

So we played a game. It wasn't so much a game, as this is a C class, as putting a question up, walking around and giving them all the answers, and then having them call them out, giving them points. Every now and then one group or another would know the answer, so they would cry out for "TEACHER NO HINTUH! NO HINTUH!" When it was Minwoo who knew the answer, however, we didn't have to worry about Teacher giving hints, because Minwoo wasn't about to let any of his groupmates take credit for his genius, and would just call the answer out loud as anything for the entire class to hear, so that they could all just copy it down onto their boards. At which point Seungwon would perform his clever coverup: "Just kidding! Ha ha ha."

Minwoo and Seungwon managed to explode a red pen between them and get ink all over their relatively expensive super cool non-uniform shirts. They asked to go to the bathroom and came back, Minwoo with a huge red splotch on his and Seungwon grinning to himself that he let Minwoo go first to see what would happen, proud of his relatively small trail of little red dots.

There's a strangely relaxed atmosphere when the co's aren't in class. Don't get me wrong -- my co-teachers let me do my shit. They don't translate and they don't interfere. They assist with the assignments and will help every now and then if the boys are trying to say something in Korean that I can't understand. But the boys are more willing to use English when they're not around. Even my really timid little C boys, who mostly try not to attract my attention, have come around since the co's have been missing, and no longer hesitate to call out, "Teacher help!" Before, they would rely too much on the Korean teachers, who they can communicate more comfortably with.

Good times.

Then I got to go on a business trip. By myself. After all that hysteria last time, the co's decided I'm also fully capable of doing that on my own as well. All the better. Coffee and cigarettes ahoy. I stuck around for the meeting after the open class this time just because I wanted to get a look a certain cunt's ugly fucking face. I won't get into specifically what that means here. But I'm sure at least some of you can guess. The fucker sitting next to me kept giggling anytime a Korean spoke English into the microphone. Fucking newb. Get it the fuck together. And I was amazed at how I can possibly understand so many goddamn words in Korean all in a row and still not be able to produce a coherent singular meaning. Those higher-up types speak like machine guns. I'd get about fifteen out of every twenty words in a sentence, but fuck if my little brain had time to put them all together to form any kind of substance before they were right on to the next. The teachers guarding the sign-in sheet nearly peed their pants when I wrote my school's name in Korean....

God. They gotta figure out a way to give their older weoneomin a fucking break every now and then. How long are they gonna make me do this shit? At least there weren't any condescending fucking lectures about doing drugs or studying Korean this time. There were a few pointless speeches emphasizing how our main job is to be entertaining and make English fun. Yeah. Thanks for that fucking gem of wisdom. Really. A huge thank you to all fucking three of you.

Sigh. And the weekend is upon us. Here we go again.

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