Google searches leading to my blog:

  • fat Korean thighs
  • one night stands with Korean women
  • Korean girlfriend
  • find Korean girlfriend
  • Korean girlfriend with foreigner
  • my Korean girlfriend is pregnant
  • Bupyeong Boss Night
  • Disco Boss Nightclub Bupyeong
  • UEE fat
  • "honey" thighs

Haha. Guys. Come on.

By the by, Disco Boss Night is just around the corner from the old Woodstock. If you're walking away from the main road, you'll pass Woodstock on the left, turn left where the road splits, walk a few hundred meters and it'll be on your left. It'll cost you an arm and a leg, and it will be an altogether mystifying experience.

Here's my favorite, by the way:

he was piss drunk and doing hookah while wearing a D.A.R.E shirt... classic

The "... classic" was included in the search. I didn't add that myself. Lol.


MikejGrey said...

K girlfriend in a coma I know I know it's seeerriiioooousssssssssssss

I'm taking a non-fiction writing class at Portland. I'm probably going to write something about the night we went to Disco Boss Nights.

Mr Nameless said...

'Honey thighs' sounds like the name of a gangster's moll.

cherryogarcia said...

i win with 'fat toilet sex'


babsie said...

fat korean thighs? honey thighs? sounds like a bbq. typical dudes.

Willie said...

why did we never go to the disco boss night liz!?!?!

I'm no Picasso said...

Haha Honey Thighs is UEE from Afterschool's nickname.

And Willie... I don't know. I really don't. Other than the fact that I feel paying 60,000 won or whatever it was I paid for the boys to get in last time was about all I really needed to invest in that experience ever.

MikejGrey said...

I just finished writing a story about Disco Boss Nights so, of course, I had to google it. This was the first result.