Sorry, guys. Things are getting a little unexpectedly crazy around here. While a lot of my classes will be canceled over the next couple of weeks, due to exams, I have to do my lesson planning for camps. And now, in addition to working at the center and meeting with the girls on Wednesdays/Thursdays, I'm apparently learning to play the cello. Don't ask. It started as a misunderstanding (as we were speaking Korean) and once I figured out what was actually going on, I decided just to go with it. I've also got some traveling to plan and a lot of people to catch up with.

My formspring has gotten out of control, and I'll do my best to start working on getting those answers going. Probably a massive post on Friday. So now's the time to get those questions in, and those of you who have asked questions over the last couple of weeks... I'm not ignoring you. It'll all get done by the end of the week -- 약속 할게.

But for now, 잘자.

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