Sticking to my guns.

A disproportionate amount of the kids in the Jjang Crew are on the school soccer team. As a result, I got cornered while I was aimlessly meandering around the halls today (classes all canceled thanks to word tests) and invited to the game after school today. I tried to tell them that I had shit I had to do -- it's fucking Friday after all -- but they efficiently pouted and told me I was beautiful girl enough that I felt compelled to stick around. (Yes, I'm just about that easy these days.)

As a result, my plumbing is still half a mess. I'll deal with it tomorrow. Because, apparently, tonight, the lads are coming round to my neck of the woods. After the incident with Smalltown's girl, he's still on the fence about her and has decided to use me as punishment. Which, you know, I've suggested possibly isn't the wisest long term plan, encouraging this rabid jealousy, but to no avail. What do I know anyway? Therefore the girl's been informed that he'll be meeting me (and me alone) after work at my apartment to consume alcohol until whenever he damn well pleases. Which isn't quite the case.

As I stated, the lads are coming round. Plural. Because. Here's the other bit of drama that's been going down: last weekend, apparently, Smalltown and I narrowly avoided a serious scene where the boys got caught up in a mess with some sort of gyopos who then jumped them and kicked the shit of them outside the bar. One of them is apparently still in the hospital. Mad shit. Out of control. No good. Etc.

So the boys aren't keen to return to the scene so soon. Understandably so. And while jumping someone is a pussy move, I had half a mind to make it known that it wouldn't do some of those guys too much harm to have it made known that they can't just open their mouths wherever, however and to whomever they wish without suffering consequences at times. Is all I'm saying on the matter.

I've been promised the raggedy ass half of that crew will not be invited out. And if they do show, I'm leaving immediately. I'm not about to have some stupid shit go down in my own neighborhood. Least of all, me being spotted holding a busted bottle jagged-edge first at the throat of some clown who got too bold. Apparently last we were out with them, one of them made some comments that completely sailed past me, due to the fact that I was busy mostly tuning everything out, that would have, had I caught them, resulted in an immediate altercation. I know myself well enough to know that, knowing that, I would just be on the look out for any excuse were said character to have the nerve to show his face tonight.

Mostly I'm hoping for a quiet night in a neighborhood hof with little to nothing to report at the end of it. Expecting plenty of girly relationship whining. That's alright. I'm good at taking that. The natural born face of a mother. Apparently.

Oi vey. This better not go tits up. But at least I have the comfort of knowing I can just peace the fuck out up the hill in a matter of minutes if it starts to.

I'll stick to my guns. This time, I really will.


Burndog said...

Shit! Good luck with at all. You must be a lot more tolerant than I am! I have a very low dickhead threshold these days! You're right by the way...the odd arse kicking does some people a little bit of good :-)

John from Daejeon said...

I remember the first time I went into a beer joint (that's what we called them in South Texas back in the day) to retreive my drunken father. I was five years old, and it was the first time I witnessed a murder/death. I've tried to avoid them ever since because not much good ever comes out of them.