I got booed.

I don't know what got into them today. They were obsessed with my outfit. And it was literally one of the most unspecial things I've ever worn.

A few weeks ago, Old Co stopped by the office to chat (we're not teaching together currently) and addressed the fact that lately I've been wearing mostly dresses to work, instead of my fuck-this-shit, I-teach-15-year-old-boys jeans and t shirts war gear. She said, "Haven't the students been saying anything? They know you very well... they must be surprised."

I said, "I think that's the problem, they know me very well. I think they're too distracted by my personality."

Apparently, today they saw the light. I have no idea.

Also, today we had to do actual book work, because occasionally we have to do that, so that I can use the vocab from the book to spin off into something more interesting for a couple of weeks. When the boys came in, I greeted them, asked them about their weekend, confirmed that none of them did anything nice at all for their parents (as suspected), and said, "I have bad news. It's book studying day."

I fuck you not. I got booed for literally two minutes straight in two classes. Luckily, once they had finished, they had apparently decided that making noises in unison was so much fun, that they were going to have a big ol' ball with the listen-and-repeat, so we actually didn't have that bad of a time. I also informed them that they could quit their bitching and moaning, because they only had to sit through book studying day one time every two or three weeks, where as it was already my third time that day, and I would have to repeat it 15 more times. It always strikes them as hilarious when I point this out, I guess because teachers aren't supposed to get bored. But I fucking well do. I don't like book studying day anymore than they do.

I took a gamble with the center boys tonight and decided to try animals. Sometimes, with the older boys, I expect the animal thing to feel too babyish for them, but I'm always shocked to see how into photos of animals they still get, even though they should be well beyond that by now. They've been a bit all over the place since YJ's been coming, because they have to do their man stuff and prove that they're men and manly and stuff while she's there, so tonight I whipped out a little trick I used to rein in my after school classes when they would get too uncentered, and had them copy down the vocabulary in Korean as we went through it. I know that's not good for their automatic connections with words in English, but fucking hell. You deal with the eleven of them when their on their little testosterone, ball-waving highs and then you can criticize me for it. It worked a charm, anyway, and we had a fantastically efficient class.

And now my grandmother wants to be my friend on facebook. So my day is complete.

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