The good life.

Ungh. Still smarting from yesterday. Today, I still haven't decided whether to start the new chapter, or come up with some other time killing thing for the next two days. I'm just happy to get back into the classroom and forget the last 48 hours.

The funny thing is, it wasn't anything more than a 'normal' night out around here. That kind of stupid shit always goes down, and I've pried men away from fights (and been pried away from fights by men) more times than I can count. And come home past dawn even more times than that. This time, it just seemed repulsive to me. And the day I wasted recovering afterward, even moreso. As Mike puts it, there are just far too many "damaged" people out there, and I don't really need to be one of them.

Tonight is hwaeshik with the English teachers. I'm tired, but I feel like it will be good for me. Time sitting around, laughing and talking with my coworkers, always cheers me up no matter what. Plus, Korean practice ahoy! I hope I have an 'on' day today. The 'off' ones are just too discouraging. Only two days to survive until the weekend. Then it's making up my mind what to do for Buddha's birthday, and a pretty incessant meandering march straight on to summer.

I still miss Mike. I miss Steph. I miss my family. Drinking's not going to fix that, but only make it worse.

Right. Back to the good life.

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Anonymous said...

the last thing i want to do is encourage you, but..

damn it's fun reading about when you get all worked up and get ready to battle...whatever. whoever.

but please...do restrain yourself. :p