Friday Formspring.

Um. Haha. I've got some real doosies setting in my inbox this morning. But they're not quite enough to make a full entry off of. Plus I'm feeling rather blue today and would like some internet people to pay me some attention so I can feel better about myself. Because, as we've already covered this week, I'm even more boring in person than on the internet, so I don't have enough real life friends. So, if you all wanna hit that little box to the right there and give me enough to feel justified in responding to what I just keeled over in my kitchen laughing about, then please do so, and I'll spend one of my eye-gougingly boring off periods today indulging you all. Given the nature of one of the questions, the fact that this blog is not anonymous, and the fact that my mother and various other family members read this blog, if you wanna see that kind of thing here, you're going to have to work for it. So. Go! Do it! Don't make me bust out the Teacher Voice.

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Laura. said...

Feel better Liz! :)