Three weddings and a funeral look.

Hi Liz! I got more questions to shoot your way. Please only answer if you have the time/energy/need something else to think about. How should I prepare to teach english? Do you have any books/activities/websites/advice you recommend? 15 days until Korea!

Hi again. 15 days, eh? How badly are you shitting yourself? No. Probably too distracted trying to get suitcases to close and wondering if your bathroom scale will match up to the one at the airport. Those vacuum sealed bags are your friend, my dear.

Of course I will have the time and energy for this a bit later today (although all but one of my classes at work have been canceled today, because there is an exam next week -- "schedule is changee" has started, as I like to say, which will be something I'll get into when answering this question), because I find writing at work to be difficult thanks to students wandering in and out of the office all day to inform me of such crucial information as whose head they've decided is biggest (literally).

I will say that it will probably turn into two posts: one on teaching itself and one on the Korean workplace, because, although you're probably not expecting it now, you may actually find the latter to be the most difficult part of your job for a while. I've come to be extremely close with most of my co-teachers over the course of my time here, and they have been kind enough to pass on all kinds of information that we weoneomin are generally not privy to, which can make understanding some of the things that go on a hell of a lot easier.

So. Expect it! Because tonight will be yet another Friday night in for the Liz, as I clean my filthy hole of an apartment and prepare for the weekend's events, which will include choosing between/trying to make it to three different weddings (it's spring, don't you know) and some Sunday volunteer work. That is, after I get home from trying to scour the local shops for something appropriate to wear to a/3 wedding(s) that isn't all black, because it's not a damn funeral, after all. Wish me luck. I never was much one for the shopping, and I'm definitely not one for being able to avoid black.

By the way, I woke up at four fucking thirty this morning. Not on.


Skryfblok said...

I look forward to reading your book suggestions. For what it's worht, I've personally found the book Korea Unmasked quite helpful in understanding the Korean mindset at large.

I'm no Picasso said...

You know, that's not the first time I've heard that book come up. I'll definitely be grabbing it the next time I get the chance. Thanks for the suggestion!