Do I have a personal life anymore?

Well, yeah. Highlights include continuing to be suspicious about strange good things that happen out of nowhere in Korea, such as your phone company calling you to tell you you've won some kind of 65 won per minute discount, becoming an instant bastion at the new coffee shop up the road, where I can already walk in and have my drink half made before I even reach the counter, and trying to avoid buying dresses it's still too cold for. Or at all.

Dresses? What the hell...

I think I'm trying to weigh myself down with crap. I'm not even kidding. This week has seen me banning myself from the computer for my first hour home from work every night, which has resulted in evenings spent constructing bookshelves, framing photographs, potting plants. I think I'm trying to lodge myself in Korea by cramming my apartment so full of stuff that I can't make it back out the front door. Or by making my apartment look enough like a home that it would be, both emotionally and practically, much harder to leave it.

It may or may not be working.

At any rate, the point is.....

What was the point again?

Oh yeah. Basically these days I go to bed early after reading, writing, painting, studying for a few hours, wake up at the crack of dawn, put on beautiful dresses and take the bus to Seoul, where I sit alone in coffee shops and people-watch, before buying more dresses, and rushing to get back home before anybody too tempting can make my phone ring and start talking about night clubs and parties. That's the score. And, with my one new secret Sunday meeting as the exception, that's what I intend to do again this weekend. Don't bother looking around to see if you can spot me while you're out. I won't be there.

Why thinking about the personal life? Because the big project for tonight will be separating it out.


Of here, I mean. I've suddenly hit over 1,000 page views a day. And it wasn't my navel-gazing that made that happen. So. I think I'm going to branch it off. I'll explain more later when I figure out exactly what it is I'm doing. But I think I'm no Picasso is about to split.


Tiffani said...


I can relate to the home-stuffing bit, btw. I've limited myself to one HomePlus visit every two weeks. :P

I'm no Picasso said...

Homeplus is the devil. You go in for one fucking thing and walk out dragging a sack behind you.