Life goals.

Homeplusin' at one am is sweet. Nobody around to gawk into your basket, but six workers to rush over and dig through your shit, removing all the tags and checking out the sizes. Downsides. Also sweet is having a friend who will cook you the closest approximation to a southern homemade meal that can be achieved via vegetarianism. What's not sweet is that I can't cram my feet into Korean women's shoes to save my life, but spring is coming soon. Allegedly. Stepping outside tonight would tell you lies about that, however.

Also, the general drunk Korean public after midnight is much more abrasive when you haven't been drinking yourself. Learned it the hard way.

Smalltown is being a D-bag and suddenly embracing Korean culture by refusing to tell me that his girlfriend moved her meeting with her friend he doesn't like to Friday, and instead phoning up and acting like we'd planned to meet on Friday all along. And then suggesting that perhaps hiking in the morning tomorrow would be better than going out in the evening, because something about his parents coming in two months and having to wake up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday to make reservations. Right.

Will I actually go hiking tomorrow? Of my own free will? Kelly and I had a good giggle over someone putting "go hiking at least 15 times" on some sort of life goals for the year list tonight. Shit. Hang out with Koreans over the age of 30 for like a week and a half, and you've got that one in the bag. Also, as a goal? Really? "Go to a museum." "Watch 20 movies." Wow.

My life goals for this year:

- Avoid hiking on all possible occasions.
- Drink over one thousand cups of coffee.
- Smoke 200 packs of cigarettes.
- Read as many books as I can buy.
- Don't kill any students.

I'm ambitious, you see.


MikejGrey said...

That's pretty much my list of life goals. I'm sort of failing most of them right now.

Kel said...

1. Learn 20 new languages. (0/20)
2. Have lunch with at least 2 friends. (0/2)
3. Go snowboarding on 3 different mountains. (0/3)
4. Read a magazine.
5. Pet a cat or dog at least 5 times. (0/5)
6. Go to Everland.
7. Try kimchi.
8. Talk to a Korean person at least three times. (0/3)

I'm no Picasso said...


Man I actually did do a real life lol when I read that list. The best part, as always is the (0/X).