Bring you flowers in the morning, I don't know what else to do.

My little Yejin is off on a school trip today, so I won't be going out to Bucheon to visit the girls this afternoon. Which, honestly, this week is equal blessing and curse -- I've been looking forward to visiting the fancy sushi restaurant over there with the good looking waiters for a couple of weeks now, and I miss the girls, obviously (had to miss our meeting last week because of hwaeshik), but I'm also still just really, really tired. And I've got actual things on this weekend, so I need to rest up a little more.

Tomorrow night, I'll be heading out to Itaewon to receive a home-cooked birthday dinner from Kel and her beautiful partner, and check out their new domestic partnership situation in their new apartment. American comfort food -- I've been promised biscuits and mashed potatoes -- and surely enough time devoted to sitting around and discussing the newest series of "Skins" will be nice. Plus, everyone should know by now that Kel is one of the foreigners I look up to the most, as she's been doing this jumping around all over the damn place thing a lot longer than I have. Now will be a prime time to lay out all my worries on the table and wait for her to smooth them over for me.

Smalltown rang for about the third time in a row last night, and was in the middle of composing an "abusive fucking text message" when I finally rang him back. Yeah, I went a little MIA. Sorry. This is what's been going on. He said, I figured something like that was up. Even when I'm ignoring him, I usually at least throw him a text message every now and then. That hasn't been the case the last two weeks. At any rate, he's managed to secure a night off from the missus on Saturday, and has already told a whopper about what non-female, non-me friends he'll be out with, so he wondered if I'd like to make my comeback appearance out in Bupyeong and drown my sorrows in a few drinks. I might forego the drinking part -- probably will, in fact, but I don't reckon grabbing a bite to eat and sipping on some coffee while observing the nonsense at the local would do too much harm. He also said something about climbing a mountain earlier in the day, but he's not conned me into committing to that just yet.

Tonight, depending on the mood, I may or may not get into Difficult Parts of Korean Culture Part II: Saving Face. The dating culture thing is sort of a copout, because it actually isn't that difficult for me to accept. I think dating anywhere in the world is pretty.... well, stupid. Or has a lot of stupid aspects to it. Saving face, on the other hand, has been, and continues to be, a bona fide struggle. Hence my not writing about it right away. Because I just don't feel like getting worked up this week. Maybe tonight, though.

Only 8 classes standing between me and the weekend. Let's get this show on the road.

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Kel said...

(*^_^*) <---blushing?

As I was also raised in the south,I was taught to comfort and smooth things over with food! I hope it suffices. Sonja's starting an art class tomorrow night and won't be home until after 10, I hope y'all get to chat a bit!

PS Our guest room is yours tomorrow night if you are so inclined.