Love letter.

This morning I came in to find this on my desk:

From: Kim dukbum

I think that the relation between human and human is important. That is 'Endless smile'.

Underneath in Korean on the envelope: "내 마음.. 받아줄래?" -- Will you receive my feelings?

Inside, a long letter. All the other teachers were carrying on about how I had received such a bold gesture in the form of this love letter left openly setting on my desk all weekend. Of course, no such a thing had occurred. In fact, it's a note from Beethoven -- my favorite student from last year, telling me that he has no time for email but prefers if we are "penpals" instead. He's making one of his dongsaeng shuttle the letters back and forth. Quite a lovely surprise.

And just now, six of my boys from last year came in wearing their handsome new uniforms, carrying on about how their new weoneomin has a big ass and is always angry, so they like me better. I mean.... I'll take half of that, anyway. Boys. I'd probably be angry all the time too if they were constantly going on about how big my ass was, though, to be fair.

It almost makes up for the fact that it's MARCH TWENTY FUCKING SECOND AND it's snowing. Again. And I have to walk all 40 lousy minutes to the station tonight after work to get to the study room.

I hope we really are going to see a movie tonight.

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