What a lovely day. Smalltown finally got his ass over to my neighborhood so we could head out. The market was nice, and it's amazing how much more comfortable I am in such places now that I can ask reasonable questions in Korean and usually suss out the gist of the answers. Smalltown tried on a coat that he convinced himself was "duh most lovely ting I ever seen", but he was fucking swimming in it -- it looked like it was built for one of the massive Nigerians you see aroundItaewon, and I was laughing my ass off as he tried to convince himself it looked alright. The ajumma running the stall was rambling away in rapid Korean to me about how the coat did fit and looked really good, and how she was selling it at a fraction of a fraction of the going price, because it's off-season for coats, but there was no way I was letting him walk away in that thing. Not even for my own amusement.

Eventually, being us, we ended up diverted to the art stores at the back of the market, where we both spent far too much money on much-needed supplies. Smalltown's good to have around because he has far more experience with paints and inks and the like, which I use for erasure projects and whatnot. He took me through the aisles, carefully explaining the texture, opalescence,transparency and drying time of each medium, dressing down the different effects that could be achieved by using this or that method. I finally got my hands on two big bottles of the ubiquitous, dirt-cheap black Chinese ink I used to buy in Chinatown in New York. And a whole slew of new brushes. The shops also had a wealth of paper for shockingly low prices.

After, we sat in a coffee shop and played around for a bit, borrowing this or that from each other, mixing pastels and ink in layers just to see what would happen.

On the walk home from the bus station, I stopped in one of the produce stalls and bought a huge bag of peanuts -- it's that season. Now it's kimbap and peach juice (randomly taped to my milk this week) for dinner, and a little poeming with my new toys before bed. I hope I get to teach tomorrow.

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