Happy bunny.

Well, now that all the other teachers are back in my office, I'm not nearly so grumpy as I have been about having to come in for some reason. Instead of literally watching the clock for nine hours, now I can flit around from place to place bothering everyone, perch on the heater and read, have my little Korean conversations... the teachers have gotten into the habit of handing me little things of interest they're working on so that I can practice my reading in Korean. I feel a bit like a someone's small child that they've brought to the office for the week, but that's okay. I'm a pretty happy little bunny.

Our first graders are in today for placement testing, which made for the best walk to school ever, this morning. Sarcastically speaking, of course. They're pretty fucking big for first graders, and when I told one of the other teachers this upon entering the office this morning, she turned and nodded enthusiastically: "FAT!" Uh. I meant tall and broad, but whatever.

The bad news is, the head head teacher has decided to treat us all to lunch. Since he's about a million years old, this means we all get to gather around a big pot of horrible fish soup that absolutely all the teachers are exactly not at all enthusiastic about. Me, personally.... this is one of the few dishes in Korea that I can't even make the effort to pretend to enjoy. It's gross. All the teachers are irritated that we have to wait until 1:30 to eat, and it's something awful, so they're passing around all manners of nonsense to keep off the hunger. Like candy and coffee. Because things work that way.

Smalltown again with the soju last night. I told him he was allowed to come over on three conditions:

1. He brought the soju.
2. He didn't expect me to be wearing clothes.
3. He could only use my bathroom with the lights out, because I haven't cleaned it all week.

He asked me where to tell the cab to go and when I said, "______ yeok" out of habit, he said, "Wait... yeok? What is that?"


"역 is station? Hang on I'm getting in the cab now... uh..."

Liz: "'_______ yeokiyo!'"

Smalltown: "_______ yeokiyo!"

Cab driver: "________ 역이요? 네...."

Smalltown: "Wow... he just... we're going.... that was easy."

Liz: "I know! It's like magic, right? Speaking Korean... ha."

Five minutes later he called back to say that his girlfriend was at his/their apartment cooking dinner so he had to turn around and go back. He's started to say things like, "I wouldn't really mind more time sort of like... you know I love to see her whenever... but... it would be alright if sometimes we...." etc. mundane etc. Funny. Funny because it's not happening to me. Haha.

Today my books come in! The bastard wants to beg his girlfriend for the night off tonight, but I'm not getting dragged out to that cold-ass nonsense, no way in hell. I'm going home to clean my damn bathroom and binge on nonfiction and coffee and Marlboros and to skype with Magnes about our great escape to Vietnam. If we can learn how to properly operate motorbikes, we may never come back.

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