World of one.

It's warm! I know it's far too early to start getting excited about spring, but fuck me if it isn't difficult when the temperature shoots up this much.

This weekend, I'm sort of hiding. I know it's not the most appropriate thing to ignore phone calls when I'm just back from nearly two weeks away and haven't seen anyone for ages, but I'm just not in the mood for going out. I'm tired, to begin with, since the jet lag fucked my sleep schedule for a few days, but I had to make it to work anyhow, and my energy level is always a lot lower when I'm doing fuck all but sitting on a desk all day long. Also, my place has been a wreck since I returned and my suitcases exploded all over with nowhere for anything to go. I've finally got that sorted, but now the weekend's mostly gone.

Shockingly, after about 20 ignored texts, The Baby (remember him?) is still trying to get in touch. Now he's even using "sis" in English. Should I meet him again? Well. I'm not gonna.

There is one person I can always be bothered to see however, and that's Mr. Willie, who made a trip out to Incheon on Thursday night. Unfortunately, he brought some bad (for me) news with him, that he won't be staying on for a few extra months as planned. Fuck these Koreans who somehow think learning English from a white face makes it a more valuable experience. Embarrassing. But I think he's mostly ready to go anyway. We've got plans to take a Seolnal trip down to Busan before he goes, and I'm really looking forward to that. I've been wanting to make it to Busan for ages, and traveling with Willie and his "these people" will definitely be better than going on my own.

Smalltown and his girl came over for a bit this afternoon to bring Mimi home and catch me in an embarrassing state of total disarray, as I was in the midst of cleaning the apartment and looking excellent, obviously. Apparently, Smalltown's girl decided to let him cut her hair. I have no idea... I mean... those two. They're something else. But they seem to be happy, so more power to them.

The good news is, both Secret Diaries and Skins have started a new series. And I've got coffee, chocolate and clean sheets. All is well in the world of Liz, even if it is currently a world of one. Who knows. Tomorrow I might even try my hand at that old writing thing. Wahey.


Anonymous said...

Is it Ok to take pictures?

I'm no Picasso said...

Huh? For what?