Greetings from Glasgow.

The flight was long as hell, but relatively uneventful (in a good way). Had just enough Dirhams left over from the last time I was passing through Dubai to buy a really strong cup of coffee (25) and smoke two cigarettes in quick succession in a really scary, female-hostile little smoking room. I mean really scary and really female hostile. I almost want to hug the next ajeosshi who glares at me on the street and says "no smoking!" in Korea because he'll be so not hostile in comparison to this.

So far, it's been a literal non-stop all night gossip-fest, catching up on just about everything there is to know. Sleeping just a bit. Eating. Already upsetting boys via text message. The Stepholiz is back. And going out to get into a lot of trouble tonight. I mean, a lot of trouble. There'll be at least one boy crying by the end of it.

You think I'm kidding, but we're already halfway there.


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MikejGrey said...

Hah. Dubai really sounds like one of the worst places on earth.

Also, I am still dying. I will continue to be still dying until my medical insurance starts. God bless America. And me being too stubborn to take money from my parents.