Fuck. Today is my big travel-around-everywhere day and there's a fucking blizzard outside. It looks as though it's been coming down for hours. And I don't have any money on my bus card.

Also, first day of camp. Anyone have any ideas how I could disguise going out to play in the snow as an English lesson? No? Hm. I reckon I could come up with something. As it is, third graders have been texting my phone all weekend asking if they can come to camp, so I know they're talking amongst themselves and I'm kind of afraid of who all is going to show up today. Either way, we'll work it out and have a good time. Or as good of a time as is possible at English camp, I suppose.

Into the fray.


Kel said...

omg I'm back, and I just read approximately 20 of your posts that I missed while I was away ^_^ and all I have to say is OMFG HOST BAR LOLZWTF?

I'm no Picasso said...

OMFG I know. I've been dying to do this for absolute ages. I'm just glad the concept managed to catch on enough here in Korea that I'll have the chance. I mean, even out here in Jersey!

Also, welcome back! I hope your trip was amazing.