First post, new year.

What is there to say? Well. Welcome to the new decade. I had the sweetest New Year's kiss ever. And an even sweeter phone call on the way home. And when I came home, I had this waiting from Mags, which caused actual tears.

I'm drunk as hell obviously. And should have gone to bed instead of making a cup of coffee. But I feel good about this year, my darlings. I want to milk every last second of this evening's optimism. You know it doesn't come around often for me. Tomorrow, promises will be broken. But tonight they really meant something.


Anonymous said...

weird that you;\'re already in the new year haha it's still 5:42pm on 12/31 in Jax, FL

MikejGrey said...


There's a mountain goats song that goes "the magpie comes at noon" but I can't find a youtube of that.


happy 2010. May all of you endeavors be uh.... only half full of nonsense.