Pervert students, pervert 리즈샘: 세임세임.

Oh oh oh. Just prepare yourselves now, pretty babies. I spent the day with the handsome married PE teacher. Loads of swooning to come.

I like going on field trips because I suddenly turn into the school mascot/celebrity. I get the feeling that somehow they've adjusted to 원어민샘 inside the school building, but when they see me outside, they're still overcome with a sense of, "오! 외국인있다!" Only the 외국인 is me. The boys also always get far too excited when they see me in my street clothes, which are slightly different from my work clothes. Today's big hit was a driver's cap.

Well. The students were horrified that I was going to have to sit through 전우치 in Korean. They kept leaning over, turning backwards and twisting around to ask Coteacher: "완어민샘 괜찬아요?" and to drop some of their really not delicious sweet popcorn into my box using their grubby unwashed teenage boy pervert hands. Yummy. After the movie, they swarmed in to ask if I understood. It surprised even me, but I actually did. Basically the whole movie. Which isn't a testament to my Korean listening ability so much as how easy it is to understand an action movie without actually understanding the dialogue. None the less, Coteacher was proud of me when I managed to laugh at the appropriate times: "오! 리즈샘 잘했어!"

It was an entire theater full of our boys. Absolutely ridiculous. Something that really gets to me about these boys -- one main difference I've noticed between them and American boys their same age -- is that, I know the lot of them have seen their fair share of porn. They are not pure little angels by any stretch of the imagination. However, they can't control themselves from welling up with emotion anytime the leading lady sits with her legs spread a bit or falls to the ground, with her skirt riding up to where you can nearly, just nearly, get a glimpse of her ass. The entire theater would flood with a wave of noise and seat-shifting that started from the front left and moved back over us diagonally every single time. Sometimes it would be something so subtle that it would take me a good few minutes to figure out what was going on. Nothing gets past them.

I think the PE teacher has cracked on to my crush on him. To be fair, he'd be a stupid man not to have. This morning at breakfast, he came in late and demanded that Coteacher move seats so that he could sit next me. Very funny. Let's all laugh while the 리즈샘 transforms into a school girl. After the movie was lunch, where his compliments on my chopstick skills and ability to wolf down spicy food, which would have elicited a severe eye roll out of me coming from anyone else, got a proud smile instead. Then later, playing pocketball, he took full charge of all of my shots, placing my free balls for me and directing me on what ball to hit and how. I obeyed him without exception. He's going to confess his love any day now.

It was a fantastic Christmas Eve, and now I'm sitting here in my mostly clean apartment debating whether or not I actually need to go out again tonight, or if I'm happy enough sitting here getting dug into IRIS and watching Mimi run around like a nutcase. I've decided absolutely everything bunnies do is funnier, because they have to hop to do it. She also definitely only speaks Korean. My neighbors are probably getting tired of hearing, "미미 나와! 이리와! 미미 하지마! 저것 먹지마! 야! 아이우.... 나쁜 여자야."

My life is ridiculous. But I guess it's okay.

This one is for Magnes. You should be here.

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