I don't usually do this, but....

.... it's pretty indicative of how things are going at the moment:

c says:
oh yeah both of us
staring new life
feels like
when we have a chance
we should more try
to get it
for not to miss it
Lizzo says:
youre right.
c says:
at least we should try
even sucess or not
ok i will try man
i hope u too
Lizzo says:
you know what it feels like though?
maybe you feel this too.
like standing under an apple tree and suddenly the apples are falling. but you have to catch them all.
afraid you might drop one.
or miss one.
c says:
Lizzo says:
you know?
c says:
it's ok some of them drop
enough apple is fine to me
just i want to the apple taste
just fit me

God. I just quit Korean class to clear out my schedule and have a little time to relax, but suddenly all these other things are falling into place. It's going to be a busy season after all. Also, a strange number of people have suddenly been in touch, including a girl from Pratt who I didn't know that well, but who was really excellent, who somehow has ended up in Korea as well. Very excited to see her again, and catch up.

In other news, if you want to act like a little bastard in my class, it would be a good idea not to let me catch you talking to your Seonbae, who's favorite teacher I happen to be. Otherwise, you'll end up cowering and directing the class to behave themselves every time I mention your Seonbae by name, after warning you that if you screw up, I'll tell him you made me cry. It would also help if your Seonbae wasn't a freakishly muscular (for his age) boxer.

Just sayin'.

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