All I need is Magnes.

I heart the Magnes. And he's being an unbearable tease these days, with the "I'm coming back to Korea" lines. I could really use that kid around these days. There are the people you sort of get and who sort of get you, and there are the people who you mostly get, and who mostly get you. And then there are the ones you know you can say basically anything to, and they'll get it, even before you finish the sentence.

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MikejGrey said...

Liz, yer gonna make me cry at work cause all I need is Black.

I'm honestly thinking about returning back to The Nonsense. Life is stupid without it. I need a few months to contemplate things and see what grad school is doing to me. But I make some promise. I will visit you in the spring or summer. Magnes am always good for some promise.

The best part of that song is when Morrisey sarcasticly shouts whoopee.