So. How's this for a cliffhanger, Gentle Reader?

Right now I'm gulping down coffee and cigarettes and trying to cram as much ginseng as possible into my bag (which I clearly didn't pack last night), trying desperately to make it to the airport in some semblance of on time. The baby is asleep in my bed.

But it's not what you think.

I don't have time for this now, obviously, but when I get back stateside, after I rest up and eat some quality TexMex, meet my nephew and greet the rest of the family, I have possibly one of the best I'm no Picasso stories of all time for you. It'll be called: "How a baby restored my faith in men."

Catcha on the flipside, kiddies.


MikejGrey said...

godspeed Liz. Godspeed. Call me. I am boring.

Diana E. said...

Safe journey!

Anonymous said...

yes... cliff hanger it is! hummm must know :P. Have a safe trip.