Sports Day.

Ah, Sports Day.

Which meant I got to do nothing but hang out and flirt with my third graders all day. I miss the older boys so much, but the younger ones are so cute, it's hard to complain. I make a point of mostly only speaking a word or two of Korean here and there to the students, mostly just to make them laugh, but today when I was trying to explain something in conversation with the boys, who weren't understanding at all in English, I just broke down and said it in Korean. The response was total dismay. Remember -- these boys haven't had me for class since the end of July. The second and first graders are aware of my level in Korean, not because I ever speak it, but because they know how much I understand when they speak it. The third graders remember me as a virtual Korean deaf-mute.

They also hadn't seen my new tattoo yet. I'm not sure which they were more impressed with, to be honest.

Anyway, I got to hear all about who has a hundred girlfriends, who is 변태, and who is trashee. I also reiterated that Marlboro Lights are girl cigarettes. Then an entire drama played out surrounding the fact that one student was sad because his girlfriend broke up with him over lunch time via a text message, so I gave him my extra special teacher ice cream. Then he gave me the pull-off tab part of his ice cream and now we are couple.

I'm pretty sure almost all of this is inappropriate, but hell, I don't teach them anymore. We can let it slide.

Then everyone went to sleep.

I can't believe these boys are leaving in a few months and I won't see them anymore. My first group of students to move on to high school. That's going to be really heartbreaking. But I'll try not to think about that, for now.

Did I mention that the most common occurrence of the day was someone shouting, "벌이다!" and then proceeding to punch a bee? Because it was. And I almost pissed myself laughing every single time it happened.

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