It's cold.

So, I'm not on quarantine. Hooray for my school's continued refusal to be like all the other PS's we hear about all the time that are horrible and backwards. I just had to go in and get my temperature checked by the nurse. And everyone was very impressed that I went to the doctor and already got on medication while I was home, just in case. They weren't the only ones -- my grandmother just about keeled over in shock when I said I wanted to go, given my complete refusal to go to the doctor for years even when close to death. But. You have a good school, you go out of your way not to screw them and to keep them happy. That's what I think.

I also got to have a little chat with my principal, which is extremely rare. It was to celebrate the fact that I actually came back. The first thing out of his mouth when I walked into the office, after nice to see you, was, "I didn't expect that you would return." In Korean, of course.

Near the end of the conversation something slightly disturbing happened. He asked me something about meeting my boyfriend. Since it was in Korean, I was confused about whether he had asked if I met my boyfriend while I was in the US, or if I had met my boyfriend since I had been back. Coteacher clarified that he meant, since I had been back. 남자친구 없어요.

없어? 정말?

Apparently there's a rumor going around the school that I have a boyfriend in Korea. After I clarified the issue, the principal then further embarrassed me by saying that he hopes I make a boyfriend in Korea soon.

What do you say back to that?

Then I walked into the teachers' office and got a standing ovation. I'm not kidding. Today was an all-around blush-worthy occasion.

The students, for the most part, have reverted back to their brand-new-to-the-원어민 stage upon my return, being absolute little angelic darlings. I should leave more often. There's nothing to soften the blow of having to leave my family again for another year like all of those boys literally running into class, shouting, "TEACHER!!! I MISSED YOU!"

Needless to say, my ego is enormous at the moment.

There was some rogue behavior in my sixth period, and for some reason (I think due to the contrast with the other students I had all day), it seriously pissed me off. So much so that I marched six students straight down to the teacher's office after class to have Coteacher lecture them. She basically told them that I had just come back from America, that they were lucky I had returned at all with their horrible behavior, and did they want me to leave the school because they made life hard for me? She doesn't have to be here -- she chooses to be here, away from her family and her home. She chooses to be here for you, and you can't even be quiet in class? This is her first day back. She is tired and she misses her family. How could you do this to her?

You tell 'em, 샘. If only she could always be my coteacher.

In other news, it is fucking freakishly cold. I'm not ready for this.


Heather said...

Good, its nice they care that much about you. Eff that cold shit. Sometimes I wish I knew what you wrote in Korean. But hey, thats what Google translate is for. :P

I'm no Picasso said...

That's why I've started to write it in actual Korean instead of romanization.

Also, to help with my dire Korean spelling.

Eff that cold shit, indeed.