Exactly what I didn't think about.

Shorty is such a little shit talking mini-womanizer, it's not even funny. And by that, I mean, it is completely hysterical. What a pretty little face he has. And all I can think, while I listen to him spout on about how he can't believe I didn't contact him for a week and every day he waited for my messages, is how fucking lethal he would be, were I five years younger and less experienced than I am. The amount of sincerity he can muster for his nonsense makes me think he even has himself convinced.

But the point is, the date with Smalltown and Shorty's friend went brilliantly. I think it might be a genu-wine love connection. And I was amused enough to watch, and flirt with the baby, all the while trying not to think about something else.

Well. Now it's time for bed. Well past time for bed, in fact.

You know, I'm almost afraid to walk away from this in a week, to leave it alone while I visit my family for two weeks. Like somehow my life here will carry on without me while I'm gone, and I might miss something. Surely that's a sign of a life being well lived. Or lived, anyway. Which is good enough for me.


Willie said...

Your cast of characters has been expanding lately^^ Miss something? What crack are you smoking? Korea will be same-same when you get back. They've technically been at war for the last 50+ years for christsake!

It sucks we couldnt of hung out before you skiddaddle away to the land of the migookins. But let me know when its a good time to take a field trip out to new jersey again!

I'm no Picasso said...

The cast of characters is totally on repeat, man. It's just like they're spiraling inward a bit. You should come out and meet the baby soon though. The other night he actually made me promise I would come to his birthday party. It's like drinking with a five year old who knows how to use hair product.

We need a Jersey night for realz. They may be closing down Woodstock soon because the foreign mongrel men are scaring off all the Korean women. I'm not even kidding. That is the actual reason. It's like a cockroach infestation that's gotten so bad, the family has just decided to give up and move house.