The benefit of teaching the young'ns.

And now presenting the most adorable thing I've ever experienced in my entire life:

The boys -- even the older ones -- are massive crybabies about creatures of any kind getting into the classroom. Just as one class started to file in yesterday, some boys at a table near the windows noticed a bee (the kind that stings) and started to bug out. I grabbed a file folder and started trying to shoo the thing out the window.

"Get out! Go! Go away!"

A little murmured conversation in Korean started, just to my left. I tuned in.

"She's speaking English, but it's a Korean bee."

"Right. The bee only speaks Korean. He can't understand English."

"She should tell him in Korean."

A little tug on my shirt. "Teacher. Nagah. Na-gah."

"Ahh. You're right. He's Korean. NAGAH!"

"Teacher. Nagah. Na-gah." would have been lost on me a couple of months ago. I would have thought that, for some strange reason, my completely docile first grade student just decided to tell me, in very impolite terms, to get out of my own classroom.


Tuttle said...

That is very funny!

But maybe you should have said, "G-O A-W-A-Y!" It might have been a spelling bee.

Diana E. said...

One of my cats is Korean. The other is American, but responds best to Spanish.

I live in a very confused household and would be grateful for a bee that left when I told it 나가!

(found your blog through Dave's--linking it as your writing style amuses me.)

I'm no Picasso said...

Tuttle -- buh-dup-dum!

Diana - 아! 고마워요. 판가워요. I had a cat that responded to Spanish once. He was a Texas cat, and a stray before I got him, so go figure.