is about to drive me insane. Granted, it's not as bad as not being able to say "nobody" in class for nearly four months, or the fact that I still get an uproarious reaction, and resounding choruses of one of two songs, anytime I say "sorry". I'm not likely to come out with the word "lollipop" on any given day. Still, it hasn't stopped them so far. Good God. Well, I guess it's good practice for their L's anyway....

Still. TOP's pretty, isn't he? Something about a deep voice, especially in Korean. He's too young though. Really, really. He is. I swear. And, he's type B. Ooooooh, bad boy.

Packing to head out to Boseong. I'm going with my co-teacher, for those still not in the know. I'll be staying with her parents. I'm a little nervous. What are the odds of me choosing her hometown to vacation in?

No. It should be good. Parents love me. They always have. Unless I was dating their child, in which case, I might as well be the spawn of Satan. But I'm not dating my co-teacher, and older Korean people seem to have a particularly odd affection toward me, given that I'm waegookin and tattooed and a smoker and all. It will be fine. So why do I still feel a little nervous?

In other news, Gil, the male co-teacher I've not had much time around, has begun his approach. Apparently he's taking me hiking sometime soon. I will do everything in my power to weasel out of this. As I told the kid earlier in the week, I already know where this is going, and that's nowhere. I do my best to steer clear of any Korean men over (or even near) the age of 30 these days. I don't have a fucking clue what the problem is with them, but there definitely, as a rule, is one. Awkward doesn't even begin to describe it. He's interested in hanging out with the foreigner, trying out his English on a native speaker. He's still new to this -- I'm not. And I've finally gotten into a cozy little, all female niche at school. I'm not about to go back down the bizarre Korean male co-worker road.

Sorry. It's probably not fair, but he's already started acting bizarre.

More on that later, I'm sure. For now, try not to miss me too much. Back in a few days. Take care, my lovelies.

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Andrey said...

Liz this is Andrey ,i need to get in touch with you ,stop ignoring me ,we have to finish this ,don't you care?
I think you should ,because it concerns you too.