My name is not Cute.

Ah. Exhausted.

I only got sang to once today, in Korean. By students, of course. My first period class is getting fucking changed. They are so not into English first thing on a Monday morning. They need to be swapped with my class last period on Friday afternoon, who are completely out of fucking control.

I love, love, love having classes all day. I cannot stand sitting in my cubicle, twiddling my thumbs. And the fact that I'm getting paid extra to do something I much prefer doing anyway, well.... bonus.

My third graders have figured out that I can read Korean and have started mobbing me in the hallway to read their name badges. Trouble is, the badges are in some sort of funky font that I still have trouble making out a bit. Your teacher is retarded, guys. I'm sorry. In the meantime, the second graders think it makes me a fucking genius and have started writing their answers solely in Korean and asking me to translate. And when I somehow occasionally manage it, then I'm really the top of the tops.

Deadpan is in my after school class, which pleases me no end. Today, for the person he looks up to, he wrote, "Lionel Richie". I want that kid to be my new best friend.

I've got some creepy stare-ers in another second grade class. I was getting myself sorted out before I left today, and they crowded around the podium, just standing there. Finally, one of them decided to ask what my name was. Honestly. Guys. It's not that hard, is it? I know I don't know all of your names, but there are a thousand of you -- there's only one of me. "Guys.... what is my name? Huh? What is it?"

"Uh....... Cute?"

No. Nice try.

Speaking of, today was Cute Coteacher's official last day. As I was making my way out the door, I saw her and a man coming down the hall. She called after me, and introduced him as her replacement. He said his name is Gil. I highly doubt that. I dunno... the whole taking-an-English-name thing kind of freaks me out. He also "shook" my hand, aka held it, and then wouldn't let go. Even after I turned my eyes off of him and went back to wishing Cute Coteacher safe travels and telling her to use my email address anytime she needs to, while she's in the US. Not a good sign. But he seems nice enough. And anyway, I won't have to deal with him really until next semester, when I have the first graders.

In other news, some of my students have figured out exactly where I live. I'm getting curtains soon.

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