Everyday that sun is coming up a little earlier. Trust me -- I'm a sunrise expert. That means only one thing: spring is on its way.

Where the hell did fall and winter go? Not that I'm complaining. But shouldn't it still be, like, November?

In other news, Homeplus never restocks anything on a regular basis, so I was forced to purchase distinctly male hair crap instead of my gender ambiguous olive scented hair crap. Now I'm going to smell man on me all day long. I think my sense of smell is probably my most vulnerable sense, and now I think I'd like to take me home.

This blog is definitely on a downward spiral.


Tuttle said...

The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind,
If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Kel said...

omg lol in a major way... i love this.
don't ever get pregnant, your sense of smell will be out of control, high-tech, & insanely accurate and then you might actually just take yourself home...which i guess would be fine actually...so go ahead, get pregnant.

ok now this comment is on a downward spiral...