Fuck me for making the decision to go out drinking until 5 am this weekend (after being up all night inexplicably sick -- non-alcohol related), rather than forcing my sleep schedule back into order after jet lag and an eight hour time difference. The amount of sleep I got last night was literally zero. And fuck me also for not having anything important to lay awake thinking about, but laying awake thinking, nonetheless.

I'm not into this up all night, work in the morning shit. The Korean teachers do it all the time, but it's not my style. I'm particularly angry with myself because I don't even know what my schedule is like this week. Please, God. Give me a desk a day and home early.

At least there's dak galbi with Mags to look forward to once the day is survived.


Kel said...

hi! i'm in thailand and just got the chance to catch up on your blog. sounds like amazing things are happening in your life! i'll be in korea at the end of the month!!

I'm no Picasso said...

How is Thailand? I imagine it's pretty crowded at the moment, because I know at least 50% of the Korean expats are there....

Enjoy it, anyway, and enjoy the warm weather while you can. It's slowly getting warmer here in Korea, but it's definitely still winter. Should be alright by March though.