No shenanigans -- no nonsense.

It really is time for winter to end now, though. Snow last night turned to deathly ice this morning -- couldn't get out of bed to save my life. The boys were sliding down the hill back toward me when I was walking behind them to school this morning. No one could keep their footing.

After a bizarrely friendly day in the office, Coteacher was reminded around one o'clock by the little math teacher that I exist, and she promptly sent me home. Mike had already been dismissed an hour earlier.

So, we went to Sinchon and had TexMex, coffee, and a little music shopping. Mike and I were both near giddy, and when I pointed it out, he said, "It's because we didn't have to sit in the office for an extra six hours doing fucking nothing."

(As Friends) has been texting all week, and after talking it over with Mike, we've decided to give him one more chance. He wanted to have a few drinks tomorrow night, but I invited him to check out Sangsang madang with us instead. Let's just stay away from the booze, eh? He pulls any nonsense when Mike goes to the bathroom again, though, and he's out. I'm not playing this little boy-girl game. People who can't stick to their guns, whether there's alcohol involved or not, irritate me.

We did go back to the regular tonight, for lack of anything else to do, after food, coffee and shopping. We left at a sensible time, after a sensible number of beers drank at a sensible pace, resulting in a sensible mild buzz, and absolutely no shenanigans. Did text our friend from the game of darts who speaks very little English, but answered honestly when he asked if I was alone, and opted out of hanging around without Mike to wait for him to show up after work, when God knows what would ensue. I'm being a very good girl.

And now, I'm far more tired than I can explain, and fucking freezing to boot. Time to lay this sleepy little head down.


cherry garcia said...

tex mex, coffee, and shopping?


also, i think its fine to give him another chance. keep me posted, hen.


I'm no Picasso said...

Please! You get TexMex, coffee and shopping all the time. We have to travel an hour and a half by train for it.

Yeah I think he's actually just sort of a really socially awkward person for some reason. But. You know who that reminds me of, and I'm not keen on getting into another one of those situations. Also, he's Irish, and they always seem to drag us into really ridiculous alcohol habits.

Meh. When's your boy leaving? How sad.

(And don't call me 'hen'.)