Blah blah blah: continued.

What is with this totally whacked sleep schedule I'm on? I seem to be on some sort of 48 hour time table -- no sleep one night, and then ten or eleven hours the next. Repeat, ad nauseam.

Well. And I really wanted to watch the one Kim Ji-woon film I did manage to download before bed, but it's a horror film, and I can't watch those at night by myself unless someone's staying over, and without someone to tell me when it's okay to look again (if it's gory) (I am, after all, technically still a girl -- in some ways). So what do I do instead? Turn all the lights off, save for one little one in the laundry room, lay in bed under the blankets and read a book about vampires.

I'm a crybaby. So what?

I also took a bit of a nap this afternoon, but I don't think I was out for long before a little rhythmic and sightly apologetic knocking on the door woke me up. Mike had apparently called three times, but my phone was still on silent from work. He wasn't having such a great day, so he just headed over.

Nothing like a sleep-addled Liz greeting you at the door in her pajamas, eh Mags? My hair is also fantastic today, because of the ridiculous weather we're having. Very little rain, technically, but a maniacal wind that picks it up and blows it horizontal right into your fucking face. I've started carrying an umbrella, not because I'm worried about getting wet, but because of the living-in-Korea-is-like-having-fifty-million-moms thing -- if a Korean woman over the age of 35 catches me on the street in even the slightest mist without an umbrella, she will immediately dart across four lanes of traffic to cover me with hers. But this wind was a fucking bitch, and after managing to get the damn umbrella blown inside out and giving a humiliating performance of trying to wrestle it back into shape directly in front of the guitar shop window where the cute guitar guy works, I decided I simply couldn't be arsed anymore.

Therefore, Liz's hair was rained on, and then slept on. Still went out in public tonight, though. Fuck it.

We did our grocery shopping thing. After eyeing the measly pre-packaged potatoes, sitting next to the perfectly normal looking dirt covered loose ones, we decided to try the produce lady one more time. Mike insisted it was my turn, but I had already grabbed the bag and was making confident strides in that direction. Annyeonghaseyo, and I held the bag out with both hands and a big smile. She immediately took it from me, placed it on the scales, rattled off a price, printed out a sticker and there you have it. Mike, of course, decided the first time must have just been a personal attack against him.

One thing I like about Korean grocery shopping, in theory if not in practice (the stores are always jammed full of people, as it is, which is annoying) is that whole families seem to do the shopping together. It's extremely rare to see just a man or just a woman taking on the task -- it's almost always couples. I think that's sweet. And very different from the way it works back home.

We managed to find decent chicken, and came home to listen to Born to Run and cook ourselves a lovely dinner, which we were too tipsy on soju to really taste by the time it was done. Mike broke my heart by insisting he wasn't in a "movie watching mood", and therefore opting out of In Bruges. I'll make him watch it sooner or later.

We're like some sort of creepy, co-dependent Siamese twins these days. Although we prefer the analogy of "comrades", fellow soldiers in the trenches. But we did at least keep to our word of not going back to the regular tonight to enact the same inane nonsense we've been up to for the last couple of months. Good on us. We've vowed to sleep in tomorrow, but not too late, so that we can make a decent day of it in Seoul -- see a movie, maybe, if Mr. I'm-not-in-a-movie-watching-mood changes his mind before then.

We need a good day tomorrow. Our weekdays are going to be miserable for a while, and the weekend really is very short. Here's hoping.

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