Java Shitty.

The coffee at that place really sucks. But, you can smoke inside. It's just one of those things, my darlings.

Spent another four million won (about 80 thousand, actually) on the brats today. That's like 300 thousand won, all told. And some little snot-nosed shiteater had the gaul to steal a deck of cards out of my desk last week. Unless I misplaced them. Which wouldn't piss me off, except that I had spent approximately a lifetime taping little English labels on them. And a deck of cards apparently costs five bucks here. I wouldn't feel so bad about spending all this money if I thought I would get to take this shit with me when I go, but I have high suspicions that my students will manage to steal/break/shred/throw/kick/maul/eat most of it before you can say, "Lee-juh. Contract. Re-sign. You want?"

Feeling better about things. Only slightly. Studying Korean continues to make me wish desperately that I wasn't half-retarded, but at least I'm doing it.

So. This teaching nonsense for two weeks, a week of desk warming, then vacation/Paris for two weeks -- I made sure to leave myself some free days in Korea as well. Then another week (or two?) (or three?) of desk warming before the new year starts. I'm starting to get the strange feeling that the next two months are actually going to go by very quickly.


Anyway, back to the Korean now. And probably the rest of the cheap Italian wine while I'm at it. God help me. Someone help me. Why am I so stupid?

On the upside, I got this sign at Home Plus and hung it on my bedroom door. You know. Just so Anti-English Spectrum Cafe doesn't have to worry about this waegook sunsengnim.


Anthony Wayne Thompson said...

Nice blog, very amusing, but not in a "ha!" kind of way more of a "heh" kind of way.

MikejGrey said...

Well to be fair I don't think their helmets would fit into your apartment!

Wakka wakka!

I'm no Picasso said...

AWT: I hope "heh" is a good thing, sir. And hello.

Mike: ......

MikejGrey said...