Today My Friend kissed my hand. I thought he was just going to shake it like he normally does, otherwise I wouldn't have given it to him. I think that's the first time any one's ever kissed my hand. I'm definitely not going to be getting any respect from the third graders anytime soon.

Mr. No Name is twenty-eight years old and played StarCraft with his friend in a PC bang this weekend. And he won. Mr. Wan likes Star Wars and said his life is very lonely because he doesn't have a girlfriend. Okay. So I'm not hanging out with the coolest people. I can accept that. I told Mr. Wan that life is very big -- too big to worry about not having a girlfriend. There are friends, for instance. He told me he doesn't need friends if he has a girlfriend. Then I introduced Mr. Wan to the word "lame".

Mr. No Name talked quite a bit today. I was very pleased with him. Unfortunately, Mr. Wan somehow misunderstood what he was saying in English and corrected what I was thinking he had said. I wasn't sure if he had gained what he thought from Mr. No Name speaking in English or Korean, so I went with it, being used to the translation. Later in the conversation though, we found out that what I thought Mr. No Name had said was indeed what he had said. I understood him better than Mr. Wan. We both just don't trust ourselves enough yet, I guess. We should stop letting Mr. Wan interfere.

While we were having a sneaky smoke this afternoon, the smallest bit of snow started to fall. Mr. Wan told me in Korea, the first snow means you should go meet your lover. So I rushed home today and am now sitting with a hot cup of coffee, a full pack of smokes and a novel. It's tradition.


likethenina said...

First snow,,,, Certainly I can't celebrate it or something. It was really freezing today so I rushed home when school had finished.

I can enjoy myself without girlfriend, but you know, now I'm just trying.

I'm no Picasso said...

Yeah. It's one thing to want someone to be your girlfriend, you know, and another thing to just want a girlfriend -- any girlfriend. That's just silliness.

Even colder this morning. I don't want to go outside.

vai said...

The first snow - - it started falling when I was on my way to see Josh Hartnett in the Rain Man on London's West End. My lover? oh how I wish ... ;)

I'm no Picasso said...

No shit. Josh Hartnett, huh? I haven't thought about him in nearly a decade....

How was London? Where you headed next?


vai said...

London? I was this close (showing a very small space with my hand) to sobbing when I was leaving Saturday. I don't know what I want anymore, where I want to go, what I want to do. So I'm reading "The trick is to keep Breathing", about someone more f*ed up than me - I guess it helps.

I think I need to go to Barcelona at the end of January - was supposed to go to a Stereophonics concert in Glasgow on 2Dec.. but don't know anymore. Very skinned. No shit eh? With all this travelling..