Take the Americans bowling.

Out with Mr. Wan and Coteacher and Mr. No Name tonight. I know his name now, but I'll keep it to myself -- keep up the mystery. We went and had a fantastic meal of bulgogi and I didn't even mind sitting on the floor. I think Mike likes Mr. Wan for all the reasons I thought he would. Mr. No Name won't speak English when there are other Koreans around, so he didn't actually talk to me much. I pointed this out and told him that I know he can speak English, he just won't. Mr. Wan translated for me, even though I'm reasonably sure he could have understood himself. Coteacher stuck around for the whole night, which surprised me, so we went bowling instead of drinking. I was definitely not drunk enough to be bowling, but I shocked everyone by making a big comeback in the final game. Mr. No Name did manage to tell me, in English, that I had a very high score.

I think Mr. Wan likes Mike too, because he invited him along next weekend to Hongdae to meet his friend.

At dinner there was a discussion about how age is important in Korea. I told Mr. Wan to stop giving Mike ideas, as he is two years older than me. Mr. Wan told him he should make me respect him, and Mike informed him that he was on his own there. Then Mr. Wan asked if we liked nightclubs and said he'd like to see me dance. I told him it would never happen.

Found out Mr. No Name lives here in Incheon. I'm going to make him get coffee with me at some point so he has to talk, since he doesn't have a hellish commute home every night. He doesn't smoke though, and did a bit of a double take when he saw I was smoking on the street right along side Mr. Wan and Mike.

Look out, everyone. There's a forward American female on the loose.

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