Today I met Wan (not Mr. Wan -- the other one). I told him he was in charge of the day, which is a horrible thing to do to a person, but he did a fantastic job. He took me to Changdeokgung, where we sat and drank coffee and smoked on a bench while we waited for the tour to begin. It was the perfect time to go, and the perfect place to go to enjoy the changing leaves. After, we got a late lunch (made him choose again) and then more coffee. We endured the freezing wind in order to sit outside where we could smoke. It was an absolutely beautiful day and this was the perfect way to spend it. Lovely conversations about all sorts of things. I wasn't paying attention on the train and nearly missed my stop, and therefore didn't get the chance to thank him properly.

I think Saturday and Sunday should swap places. The weekends go by far too fast these days.


likethenina said...

I had a heavy dinner last night as there was a guest who invited to my uncle's home. I had Bulgogi again, with so many other things which was good enough to recover from that kind of coldness. -_ -

It was pleasure to meet you, even though I think I was bit shy. Next time will be different- and I'll let you take control, anyway.

I'm no Picasso said...

It's only colder now... I'm worried about you with no winter clothes.

It was lovely to meet you as well, and of course I was shy too. But now we see there is nothing to be shy about. Next time, the seaside. I'll figure out other things too. Just let me know when you wanna go.

likethenina said...

I've just asked my mother to send several winter clothes immediately, otherwise I won't be able to go out. -_ -

Once you have a mobile in your hand, then it is much easier to contact each other. Oh, and the transport card, too. You should have asked your coteacher about it, anyway.

It's freezing and I hope I can survive until I get my winter clothes.

I'm no Picasso said...

Yes, once I have a phone a lot of things will be better. And I'll work on the transport card.

I hope you can survive too. It's really nasty out there, suddenly. Take care.