I walk a crooked line, tryin' to act like nothin's happening.

Man life is one crazy hell of a ride, little babies. You never know what's coming next. More details on that when I'm free to give them.

I'll tell you one thing I miss like hell is saving money all month to take the train to see Marah play small little back rooms at bars in New Jersey. On one particular occasion, at the Stone Pony, a J├Ągermeister-inspired, near-clothesless dip in the Atlantic caused us to miss the last train back to New York. So, with less than ten bucks between us, we did what any self-respecting Bruce fans stuck in Asbury Park overnight would do -- we took a cab to an all-night diner, where we sat shivering in our semi-soaked clothes, sipping bottomless cups of coffee and playing Born to Run on the jukebox, until the 6 am commuter train to Grand Central rolled into the station.

Nothing that good has happened in a while. Unless you count the 100 degree, four hour sidewalk sit outside Club Dada to see the BRMC acoustic show in Deep Ellum. And I certainly don't.

Marah: The Closer

Edit: Okay, ladies and gents. It's officially official. I have clearance to announce that, come May, I'm going to be an aunt. It's a rough situation, unplanned, and with my brother about to leave for the Navy. And they're young. Really young.

But can I just say....

I am so fucking excited. Kids of my own scares the shit out of me but a little niece or nephew.... that I can live with. I just wish I wasn't going to be tied up for a year.

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