Finally, some good news.

Yesterday they took Gramps off the ventilator and his blood pressure started to rise, which set us back, because in order to get him to take the ventilator in again, they had to sedate him. Since they put him back on the ventilator, I was able to talk my grams into coming home to sleep last night. Which means we all got a decent (if short) night's sleep. When she's not here, we all kind of sleep in shifts and very lightly.

This afternoon, as he comes out from under the sedation, he is opening his eyes a little and actually focusing. When asked where he was, he mouthed the word 'hospital' and is responding once again to requests to squeeze hands.

These are all very, very good signs. Coming on the tails of what was looking very dire just last night.


Gary said...


Might give you a call at some point tonight, but if you're busy and need to chueck me to voicemail no problem.

Also, your gorgeous friend Iva reads my blog. How does a skanky Yorkshireman attract such hot stuff eh?

I'm no Picasso said...

That sounds good. Trying to charge the damn thing now so hopefully it will actually be on.

Now you watch it there, buddy. Don't make me get territorial. You think you Scorpios can get fiery, but Pisces can be one jealous bitch when it comes to guarding her Scorpios. Put two together and there's no telling what might happen.

likethenina said...

Happy to hear that news really.
Hopefully he'll be getting better and better.

Take care, my dear friend.

I'm no Picasso said...

Thank you, Wan. I hope you are well, kiddo.