IQ is live.

So, I think we're ready to go. Imminent Quarterly is online and open for submissions. The masthead will stay without my family name, until I finish my job, which I realize is odd. But it makes me feel better. Mobile devices are basically incapable of accessing the site at the moment, but we hope to have that sorted out by the end of the weekend.

We're on Tumblr and Twitter and Facebook.

And there's a page on Google+, but I still haven't really figured out how to use that yet. Give me some time. And please bear with me if there are any other kinds of technical hiccups over the next few days. You know how I am. (I accidentally changed all of our sites over to Korean language interfaces this morning as well. So. On the upside, I learned the word 'interface'.)

For now, I would be so grateful to any and all who took the time to either submit, or pass the word on to anyone who might like to submit. As I've said before, I've found a trail of Korea expat lit mag graveyards and not a lot else. If this is going to work, we're going to need your help.

Please spread the word, 'like' and follow. Thanks, guys. Happy Friday.

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